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2 May - 4 Jul 2024

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course date : 2 may - 4 Jul 2024

Held over 10 Thursday evenings, from 2 May – 4 July 2024 inclusive.

Live Sessions 7:00-9:00pm AEDT via Zoom 

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Will house prices really fall by 20% or more, as many pundits are predicting?  Dr Wylie uses economic reasoning and the historical record to see if these claims really hold up, focussing on:

       the impact of housing supply withdrawal and inflation expectations on the housing market, and

       how investors need to position themselves in this context.

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Dr Wylie explores 7 common mistakes personal investors make; to demonstrate the style and content of his Finance Education for investors course.  Topics covered include:

       superannuation; risk management; insurance; financial advice

       asset diversification; leverage and use of family trusts.

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Dr Wylie explores 7 common mistakes personal investors make; to demonstrate the style and content of his Finance Education for investors course.  Topics covered include:

       superannuation; risk management; insurance; financial advice

       asset diversification; leverage and use of family trusts.

Join Dr Sam Wylie as he takes you on a 10-week journey to empowerment and better outcomes in your investing.

Course Features


The investment strategy covers all the key areas that impact wealth creation: positioning across asset classes, risk management, diversification, structuring & tax planning, fees & advice.  You are left with a clear roadmap for implementing your strategy.


Achieve a fully developed investment process, underpinned by a strong set of guiding investment principles, and in-depth knowledge of all the key areas of investing and wealth creation. Your outcomes should be immediately implementable.


Increase your investment knowledge dramatically, through a detailed examination of all the key topics in investing including: Australian vs global shares; residential vs commercial real estate; fixed income investment; private equity, hedge funds, etc.


Be guided through a 10 step self-examination of your current financial situation, to help you clarify your financial goals and develop your road map for achieving them. Map out how to get on track with your savings Vs goals.

20+ YEars experience in
finance education

Teaching finance to MBA students and Senior Executive MBAs at business school; providing corporate education and consulting services to the corporate and public sector; and finance education for private investors like you.
Satisfied Students World-wide
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20+ hours live tuition over 10 Zoom meetings

Course Structure

The course includes detailed case studies and narratives to assist the learning process, as well as substantial extra material on special investment topics, in addition to the 20 hour live online course and class notes.
  • 20 hours live tuition over 10 interactive zoom meetings
  • 400 pages of materials
  • Full recordings of each class
  • 15 x 30 minute pre-recorded videos on special investment topics
  • Dedicated course page on Thinkific LMS
  • 1-on-1 discussion with Dr Sam Wylie

What Our Students Said

About Dr Sam Wylie

Dr Sam Wylie has over 20 years experience as a finance professor and industry consultant. He completed his PhD in Finance at London Business School (University of London) in 1998. He then worked as an Associate Professor of Finance at the Amos Tuck School of Business, Dartmouth College (New Hampshire, USA), before returning home to Australia in 2004.

Sam is Director of Windlestone Education and an Associate Professor of Finance at the University of Melbourne, winning Melbourne Business School’s Teaching Excellence Award twelve times. Sam’s research and consulting is focussed on banking, wealth management, corporate strategy and financial crises. He has extensive experience as an industry consultant providing both finance education and strategy advice to companies in Australia and overseas. As well as publishing his Finance Newsletter, his commentary has appeared in the Australian Financial Review, national radio and television.

You can follow him on Youtube, LinkedIn, or subscribe to his newsletter here on our website.

Frequently asked

  • What happens if I need to miss some classes?
    It is common for participants to have to miss an occasional class due to other commitments. There are four ways we handle this:
    • recordings of the class content can be viewed on our learning platform after each live session
    • the course materials are sent out to all participants before each class, and they contain the main content covered in each class
    • an attendance register is kept, and those who miss a class, can make these up when the next course runs
    • all enrollees of the on-line course can repeat the course in its entirety in the course that immediately follows the one they just took, at no extra charge.
  • Are there recordings I can watch if I miss a class?
    Recordings of the class content are available to view on our learning platform after each live session.
  • Pricing/Discount
    Household members who share the one login and device, pay the one course fee.
  • How do I use Zoom for free?
    We use Zoom meetings to create high quality, interactive classes for participants. You can download and use the Zoom app (basic plan) for free at zoom.us. They have a range of short online tutorials on their website, to help you familiarise yourself with their software.
  • Can I repeat the course?
    There is a special offer for alumni who completed the course before 2020, and now wish to take the online version of the course. Contact tjones@windlestone.com.au for details.
  • What alumni support is available during and after the course?
    A one-on-one discussion with Dr Wylie, is part of the course structure. After completing the course, Dr Wylie’s alumni automatically receive invitations to the regular finance webinars and presentations he gives. In addition, after completing the course, they can join the Alumni Page on the Learning Management System, and have access to the materials contained there.
  • Any other questions?
    If you have any other questions about the course, please email the co-ordinator, Tracey at tjones@windlestone.com.au .

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