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Finance Education for Investors
Course Concepts

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Join Dr Sam Wylie as he takes you on a 10-week journey to empowerment and better outcomes in your investing.

Investment Process

Achieve a fully developed investment process, underpinned by a strong set of guiding investment principles, and in-depth knowledge of all the key areas of investing and wealth creation.

Investment Strategy

The investment strategy covers all the key areas that impact wealth creation: positioning across asset classes, risk management, diversification, structuring and tax planning, fees and advice.  You are left with a clear roadmap for implementing your strategy.

Investment Knowledge

Increase your investment knowledge dramatically, through a detailed examination of all the key topics in investing including: Australian vs global shares; residential vs commercial real estate; fixed income investment; private equity, hedge funds, and much more.

10 Step Self Evaluation

Be guided through a 10 step self-examination of your current financial situation, to help you clarify your financial goals and develop your road map for achieving them.

Dr Sam Wylie's Online Course

Finance Education for Investors

What information are you looking for today?

What information are you looking for today?

Course Structure & Module

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